T21 identifies four strategic priorities and a series of actions underneath each to rebuild and grow Tasmania's visitor economy, creating jobs for Tasmanians and benefits for regional communities.

Effective governance is essential to ensure:

  • Each of the identified actions is delivered
  • Key stakeholders continue to be engaged in the growth of the Tasmanian visitor economy
  • Overall progress is measured and monitored
  • Additional or evolved actions are identified to achieve T21's objectives and vision.

Premier's Visitor Economy Advisory Council

The Premier's Visitor Economy Advisory Council monitor overall progress on the key actions and agree on new, strategic actions required to achieve the government's and industry’s vision. The council will also engage with key stakeholders in the visitor economy to identify new opportunities for growth.

The Premier of Tasmania chairs the council.

Membership of the council includes:

  • Minister for Small Business, Hospitality and Events
  • Chair, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania
  • Chair, Tourism Tasmania
  • President, Tasmanian Hospitality Association
  • Secretary, Department of State Growth
  • CEO, Tourism Tasmania
  • Chair, Tasmanian Heritage Council
  • Chair, Brand Tasmania Authority.

The council meets regularly and issues public reports on progress against the T21 priorities. One report is presented to the annual Tasmanian Tourism Conference in May of each year and provides the previous calendar year's results, while the second report is made in December each year and will provide the previous financial year's results.

Steering Committee

The T21 Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating delivery and reporting on each of the actions in T21 by the relevant organisations. The committee meets regularly and, post COVID-19, has been convening fortnightly and will report on progress to the Premier’s Visitor Economy Advisory Council.

The CEO of Tourism Tasmania chairs the T21 Steering Committee.

Membership of the committee includes:

  • Secretary, Department of State Growth (deputy chair)
  • CEO, Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania
  • CEO, Tasmanian Hospitality Association
  • Secretary, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
  • Deputy Secretary, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Deputy Secretary, Cultural and Tourism Development, Department of State Growth
  • Director, Visitor Economy Strategy
  • Coordinator-General.