Our Vision

Our vision is for Tasmania to be a world-leading destination of choice, with a vibrant visitor economy supported by our tourism and hospitality industries, strong business and education sectors and a community that embraces our visitors and all the benefits they bring.

About this strategy

T21 is a partnership agreement between the Tasmanian Government and the Tasmanian tourism industry represented by the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT).

The strategy's target is to grow annual visitor numbers to Tasmania to 1.5 million by 2020, and so generate visitor expenditure of around $2.5 billion a year, greater capital investment and more jobs.

This strategy describes how the Tasmanian Government, in partnership with Tasmania's tourism industry, is working to achieve our vision.

Progress report - December 2017

We report twice yearly on our progress towards achieving our goal. Here's our latest T21 Progress Report.

For more information email contact@t21.net.au